Through my work as a yoga therapist, experience as a spiritual seeker and understanding the needs of a westerner living in our 21st Century society,  I have come to the conclusion that all the theories and the information are of no use if we cannot apply concrete techniques in our daily life. I came to understand that only using the techniques on a daily basis in a practical and simple way we can really achieve transformation.




The body-based therapy called bioenergetics found out that due to our experiences in our childhood we learned already very early to block the expression of our feelings and built up a body-armor through holding our breath and tensing the muscles of the throat, neck and shoulders, the diaphragm, the pelvic floor and the muscles of our legs, which hinders the free flow of energy from the heart to the periphery of our body and the outside world. The emotional blockages do not allow us to live a free and creative life.

Practicing asanas and meditation helps to release these tensions and blockages, but it is not enough if during the rest of the day we have bad posture, poor breathing and are not fully aware of our thought patterns. This can leave us living  in complete lack of awareness of the psycho-somatic symptoms that in long term lead to disease. In this way we cannot achieve any significant change in the quality of our lives.



In our society we are not encouraged to take time for ourselves or to relax, and even more importantly, we are not encouraged to love ourselves. The judge in our head expects us to be perfect achievers, to look good, to have a good image, and to long for prestige and worth in a material way. The world at large caters very well for distractions. Entertainment and consumer goods are presented to us in so many ways, that it is easy to run away from our very essence. We are not in touch with our true being anymore and do not know ourselves and the patterns that create the issues we are confronted with in our daily life.

The inner work is a slow process, but the unhappiness, psycho-somatic illnesses and the increasing depression, even amongst teenagers, are mostly caused by the lack of awareness in our daily life and the unwillingness to face our inner world and work on it. Lack of meaningful connection with ourselves, stress in our professional and private life, caused by the muscle tensions and the poor breathing, combined with negative thought-patterns cause many diseases like high blood pressure, digestive disorders, lower back pain, dysfunctions of the inner organs, insomnia and restlessness.

Dancing Shiva on white backgroundYOGA THERAPY TECHNIQUES IN MARBELLA


A regular yoga practice, the release of blockages, the healing effect of massage techniques and the investigation and gradual change of our habits and thought-patterns help us to relax, reconnect with our inner self, live a healthier life  and accept ourselves in a loving way.

That is the reason why I developed a combination of techniques, based on Yoga Therapy, Thai and Ayurvedic massage, Reiki, Self-understanding and Life Coaching in order to help you to relax, work on yourself and heal your body and your mind.

You will find more information on these techniques in the pages about Yoga, Massage Therapy,  Yoga Therapy, Self-understanding and Life Coaching.