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The Enneagram is a system that describes nine personality types, based on thought patterns, inner motivations and basic beliefs. It is a self-understanding method that brings the awareness to aspects of our behavior and explains the motivation for our way of thinking, acting and reacting.

Through bringing the awareness to the functioning of our ego-structure, the unconscious thoughts and behaviors lose their power over us. We can stop living on automatic pilot, take more conscious choices and reduce our suffering. The Enneagram helps us also to understand other people and have compassion for them, improving the relationships to our loved ones and at work.


The basic concepts of Gestalt Therapy are:

1. Live here and now
2. Stop imagining
3. Give up the unnecessary thoughts
4. Express instead of manipulating, explaining, justifying and judging
5. Surrender to the pain as much as to the pleasure
6. Do not accept any “must” or “should” except your own
7. Take responsibility for your actions, feelings and thoughts
8. Accept yourself just the way you are


Her main affirmations are:

1. I am lovable because I exist
2. I love and accept myself just the way I am
3. All is well in my world
4. I am safe
5. I am supported by life
6. I always have everything I need
7. I am prosperous


Ioana has completed Yoga Alliances courses in Ayurvedic and Holistic Nutrition Coaching and has studied nutrition for the last 5 years. She coaches her clients in order to help them to make healthier choices and improve quality of their life:

1. Discover the benefits of 85 % plant-based nutrition
2. Balance your dosha (body constitution) through the adequate nutrition
3. Experience how much fun healthy cooking can be
4. Improve your sleep and brain activity through intermittent fasting
5. Connect a healthy nutrition with life-style changes