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Yoga in Marbella and Mijas




The word Yoga has its linguistic roots in the sanscrit word  „yuj“, which means “melt”, “connect”, “unite”. The study of the yoga discipline leads us to recognize the true nature of the soul that cannot be understood through the senses and the intellect. Yoga reduces suffering, prevents disease, improves the quality of life and helps us to understand and recognize ourselves. With yoga we gain inner peace and joy of life.

incence-11HOW YOGA WORKS


Yoga is the investigation into the functions of the body, the spirit and the mind. It teaches through experience and is not the result of information from books or theories.

To investigate the root of desire and fear, to find out why we do not feel lovable, why we do not accept us and feel our own worth, why we feel the urge to prove that we are good enough or have enough in order to be loved. That is yoga.

The goal of yoga is to widen our awareness and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and our true essence through observation with the attitude of a neutral witness. It enables us to develop more awareness about our actions and reactions, about our thoughts and our feelings and with the time it teaches us to let go of our ego-structure, so that we can experience our true nature, the essence of our being, the pure joy of life.

Patanjali defined yoga as „Yoga Chittavritti-Nirodha“, the transcendence of the fluctuations of the mind. Like the disturbed water that cannot reflect the moon, the restless mind cannot reflect the soul. Self-realization is only possible through awareness and understanding that helps us to stop identifying ourselves with our ego-structure.

Yoga is the art of relaxing into “what is”, fully accepting ourselves with all our different qualities and difficulties and of overcoming challenging situations in life with serenity. Awareness, action, and the right attitude, an open mind and on open heart are the tools for real transformation.



Yoga teaches us to have a meaningful goal in life and to develop friendliness, focus, content and joy. Yoga enhances health on the physical, mental and emotional level, helps us to deepen our focus and our awareness. The “asanas” teach us to be present here and now with every breath we take, freeing the mind through body-awareness from thoughts about the past and the future. This is the preparation for the practice of meditation, in which we develop the neutral witness, observing our thoughts come and go returning to the breath-awareness every time we realize that we have strayed with a thought.

The practice of yoga according to the two principles of “stira” (steadiness) and “sukha” (relaxation) and based on the four A’s: awareness, attitude, alignment and action helps us to undertake a journey towards transformation and to heal ourselves.