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For me self-understanding is an important part of yoga. Real transformation happens only if we bring the awareness to the way our ego-structure functions and perceive consciously our thought patterns and our automatic behaviors. This is my own experience as a spiritual seeker. That is the reason why I included the self-understanding through the Enneagram.

From all the coaching techniques I have experienced the Enneagram was the one that brought the most profound transformation in my daily life. I use the Enneagram therapy method to help you to look into your ego-structure and use it as a tool together with the other techniques in order to achieve a real change in your daily life.




The Enneagram is a system that describes nine personality types, based on thought patterns, inner motivations and basic beliefs. Those who find their main type are often amazed to find an accurate portrait of themselves.

The Enneagram is a self-understanding method that brings the awareness to aspects of our behavior and explains the motivation for our way of thinking, acting and reacting. Often people feel resistant to be put into a box, when they first hear about the Enneagram, but the truth is that the Enneagram is the way out of the box. Through bringing the awareness to the functioning of our ego-structure, the unconscious thoughts and behaviors lose their power over us. We can stop living on automatic pilot, take more conscious choices and reduce our suffering.

The Enneagram shows us how we are caught, but also shows us our capacities and is helpful in our daily life, teaching us how to use our abilities and live a creative life. This system helps us also to understand other people and have compassion for them, improving the relationships to our loved ones and at work.


The basic concepts of Gestalt Therapy are:

1. Live here and now
2. Stop imagining
3. Give up the unnecessary thoughts
4. Express instead of manipulating, explaining, justifying and judging
5. Surrender to the pain as much as to the pleasure
6. Do not accept any “must” or “should” except your own
7. Take responsibility for your actions, feelings and thoughts
8. Accept yourself just the way you are

The Gestalt Therapy uses tools of transformation as psychodrama, working with dreams, the empty and the hot chair, body work, meditation and creativity in order to enable us to grow and change. It helps us to live in the now and to except what there is in the present moment.  The Gestalt Therapy also teaches us to be honest and express our needs instead of manipulating to get what we want as much as to admit our true feelings and attitudes instead of justifying and judging.  The main pillar of this therapy method is taking responsibility. In the moment I accept that I am responsible for my actions and for my happiness and stop being the victim, I have the freedom of choice. At the same time a mature behavior implies taking responsibility for the consequences of my choices.

The Gestalt Therapy helped me to change and to take responsibility. I use the powerful tools of transformation this therapy method offers to help you to grow and live a creative and happy life.




Louise Hay teaches through her own experience of having healed herself from cancer that we have the capacity to heal as long as we work on changing our thoughts and attitudes and we learn to love ourselves.

Her main affirmations are:

1. I am lovable because I exist
2. I love and accept myself just the way I am
3. All is well in my world
4. I am safe
5. I am supported by life
6. I always have everything I need
7. I am prosperous

Louise Hay changes my life. I practiced for many years her affirmations and other self-love practices. She helped me to develop compassion for myself and to believe that I am guided, loved and supported. I use her methods in order to help you to love yourself and to open up to your healing potential.



Abraham’s information is channeled through Esther Hicks, who has dedicated her life to helping us to realize that we can create our own reality and manifest whatever we desire as long as we learn to allow positive energy to enter our lives. When we do all we can to feel good today and to feel connected to the vortex, the divine energy, we are ready to have positive experiences. Paying attention to our emotions helps us to see where we are and putting the intention into improving our state through positive thinking and the willingness to feel good allows our innermost desires to manifest. If our wishes come from the heart, the universe works for realizing them.

The  intent of feeling good and the power of positive visualization have helped me to live a life full of possibilities and joy. I use Abraham’s knowledge in order to help you to allow positive energy in your life and to fulfill that which you desire most: to be who you are and expand on your spiritual path towards happiness and deep satisfaction.


The program of the 12 steps, used by several fellowships that help people to recover from addictions, is deeply spiritual and reflects all the principles of yoga, set down in the classical texts of Patanjali and Bhagavad Gita. The essence of the 12 steps is reflected in the path of Bhakti yoga – the yoga of devotion. When we learn to surrender to God’s will, giving up the control and believing that a Power greater than ourselves can help us to heal, we experience a new freedom and a new happiness. We trust that God can do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. We are co-creators, doing the best we can and letting go of the outcome.

At the same time the 12 steps teach us that transformation is a program of action. It only works if we work  it; in order to grow and change we must have the courage to look at ourselves and share honestly with another human being and clean house, making amends for our past and present behavior.

Keeping a conscious contact with our Higher Power through prayer and meditation, being grateful for what has been given to us and doing service, helping other people, are the other pillars of the 12 steps and of Bhakti Yoga.

The program of the 12 steps has brought a deep transformation into my life and has helped me to grow and change. I use this program in order to help you to cope with situations that used to baffle you and to move away from self-centeredness, surrendering to a Higher Power of your understanding; self-seeking and financial insecurity will disappear and you will live a life beyond your wildest dreams.

Ioana has worked out a unique blend of all the above mentioned methods for self-understanding and life-coaching. She has developed an effective method that successfully helps you to grow and change – if you are willing to work for it!