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Reiki in Marbella and Mijas


45 minutes: 50 €

Reiki is a healing technique and a support for changing the behaviour and the attitude in daily life. Reiki is very ancient and it is said to come originally from Tibet. It was rediscovered by the Japanese Dr. Usui. Reiki brings amazing results and has been introduced rapidly into the Western countries.

The energy imbalance causes the loss of health on the physical, mental and emotional level. Reiki uses energy for balancing and healing. The universal energy flows from the crown chakra into the hands of the giver and is passed on to the client through positioning the hands on his/her chakras or other points along the energy lines. It is a very simple and benefitial technique. It changes the negative conditions into positive ones.

Reiki is a concept composed by two Japanese words, Rei and Ki, which refer to two fundamental forms of energy. Rei means universal energy. All beings are connected with this form of energy. When it flows freely through us it maintains our health and wellbeing. Ki is the vital energy that flows through the organism of the living beings. The 5,000 years old Chinese Acupunture calls the energy that flows through the organism Chi, the 3,000 years old Japanese acupuncture calls it Ki and the Hinduism calls it Prana.



The basic objective of the Reiki treatment is to integrate and interact the universal energy Rei with the vital energy Ki in the living beings in order to achieve balance and to heal:

1. In the human beings, animals and plants for health and wellbeing.

2. In the human beings for transforming the behaviour, habits and attitudes in daily life.